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Debt Collection Lawyers and Commercial Collections


Having to collect on a debt can be one of the most daunting experiences for any business. Creditors must choose the right time to collect on delinquent debts and overdue accounts, they must obtain proper legal guidance to ensure that debtors are not hiding assets, and, if necessary use a third party to apply a lien against assets and property.

One of the best weapons a business or individual can have in the fight against faulty debtors is an attorney who is trained in the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. The next step that should be utilized are attorneys who act swiftly and quickly. In doing so, creditors can be assured that debtors become more motivated to settle payment issues, and as violators can see the threat of legal action, they almost always somehow find money that wasn’t there before.

Prejudgment Writs of Attachments and Judgments

Even in a tough economy businesses and corporations of all sizes do have a way to collect on monies still owed to them.

Collections law, especially as it relates to writs of attachment, is one of the core practices of the Allan Law Group. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience helping companies legally retrieve money that remains unpaid from their customers.

Through writs of attachment and pre-judgment or provisional attachments, Allan Law Group can ensure that debtors cannot transfer, conceal or dissipate any assets. As this is usually the first step as part of the collections process, pre-judgments allow you, the creditor the chance to make the first strike against customers who refuse to pay or are otherwise negligent in payments.

Prejudgment writs of attachment protect the value of potential judgments. A prejudgment writ of attachment prevents debtors from concealing assets from the court or transferring assets prior to the judgment being obtained.

We promptly file motions for prejudgment writs of attachment immediately following the initial debt collection action being filed. This enables creditors to create a judicial lien on certain property of the debtor prior to the final judgment. In addition, we thoroughly investigate for other hidden assets which the debtor may have already attempted to conceal through fraud or other means.

We Understand How Crucial Prejudgment Relief Is

With over 30 years of experience, our firm understands the importance of applying for and obtaining prejudgment writs of attachment. California's creditors' rights laws allow a pre-emptive strike unavailable in virtually any other jurisdiction. Early aggressive collection action makes a difference!

Contact the California Debt Dispute and Commercial Collections Lawyers at the Allan Law Group by email or call 1.800.439.9403 or 1.310.456.3024. Our Offices are located in Malibu, California.

Allan Law Group represents clients with domestic and international business interests in the United States, China, Russia, India, and the southern California cities of Los Angeles, Universal City, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale, Woodland Hills, Encino, Century City, Simi Valley, Los Angeles, Malibu, Ventura, Santa Monica, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, and Malibu.

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